Broken Mirrors
a serial novel by TA Pratt

Ten More Days for Tuckerizations

I got a $300 donation today (which is awesome; I can buy groceries now! yay!), and at that level, donors get to have a mutually agreed-upon name of their choice included in the text of the novel. (Mostly they become character names, but sometimes they become other things.)

But time is running out for that particular prize. I’m planning to send the finished text of the novel to the publisher for the print edition later this month, and after that happens, I can’t put in any more names!

So here’s a deadline: any donations of $300 or more received by July 15 can still get names into the text. (I’ve got a few characters who are unnamed, or who have names I can change, just for that eventuality.) After July 15, I can’t guarantee that any new names will make it into the text. Though, ahem, I’ll still gladly take your money…

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