Broken Mirrors
a serial novel by TA Pratt

Mailing Update, Broken Mirrors for iPad

I got copies of Broken Mirrors this week (they look great), and have started mailing them to donors. Almost all the US books have been mailed (I have a handful I still need to drop off), but since I have to to go the post office to mail the international packages, those will go out early next week.

For those who donated enough to get postcards, I decided to include them in the book packages instead of sending them separately, so they don’t get as beat up in the mail, and will look nicer and be more legible. (Warning: Marla’s postcards can be… kinda mean.)

I sent out bookmarks and chapbooks over the past couple of weeks, so most of you should have received those by now.

Finally, you can now buy Broken Mirrors for the iPad!

2 Responses to “Mailing Update, Broken Mirrors for iPad”

  1. Rislan Says:

    Will print copies of Broken Mirrors ever be available? Just out of curiousity, since I don’t use kindle or iPad but would like to have a copy/pay for work put into it since I loved Marla Mason (*gasp* a heroine that actually has to face CONSEQUENCES for being kickass).

  2. T.A. Pratt Says:

    Wow, I just discovered some unapproved comments lurking here! Sorry about that…

    Print copies are available, via and

    Broken Mirrors is available in assorted e-book formats, too, at Amazon, B&N, and the Apple ibookstore.

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