Broken Mirrors
a serial novel by TA Pratt

Why Serialize?

From 2007-2009, I published four books in the Marla Mason series with Bantam Spectra, a division of Random House. In late 2008, the publishing business went through some upheavals, just like the rest of the economy: my editor was laid off, the publishing company was extensively restructured, and deep cuts were made.

My series was one of those cuts.

A publisher dropping a fantasy series is hardly unusual, especially since sales were declining as the series went on. In this case, though, I felt there was seriously unfinished business. While I wrapped up the main plot of the fourth book, I spent the last pages setting up for the events of a fifth book… which, it seemed, would never be published.

Then I heard from so very many of my readers, clamoring to know how things turned out, asking me to somehow wrap things up, and I started thinking: should I write the book anyway?

I self-published a serial novella last year, called Bone Shop, with great success, so I thought I’d try that approach again. (Though a small press will publish the print edition of Broken Mirrors when the serialization is finished.) I’m doing this to give my readers some closure… and, I admit, to enjoy myself. I love writing these stories. I hope you like reading it. Welcome to Broken Mirrors.