Broken Mirrors
a serial novel by TA Pratt

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Complete novel on a single page

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10 Responses to “Table of Contents”

  1. Rachel Green Says:

    The chapter two link doesn’t work yet — should it

  2. T.A. Pratt Says:

    Oops, thanks, fixed.

  3. Leon Says:

    You know…. I would be very willing to buy the whole book in epub format if you would be willing to put it together, as I own an nook and prefer reading on it then on lcd…. lcd is basicaly looking in to a flashlight. I would be some of your other readers would as well. I own the first three of your books as paperbacks and the fourth as an ebook.

  4. T.A. Pratt Says:

    Leon — The book will be offered in a variety of ebook formats when the serialization is finished, later this year.

  5. Leon Says:

    Very cool. Thanks kindly for the info and being one of the first authors to move away from the publishers. Pretty sure this will be the main publishing format in the future.

  6. Leon Says:

    Ahh just found that I could buy Bone Shop on LuLu as a download. I thought it was only for the kindle as an ebook. You might want to put a mention that it is there as a download other then for the kindle. There are a lot of us that have bought sony or B&N ereaders cause they have a much more open format.

  7. T.A. Pratt Says:

    Good idea! I’ll make a note.

  8. Leon Says:

    Cool. Well seeing as I have your attention, you might want to check out Smashwords.

    Its like lulu and another potental market for Marla books,and judging by The B&N forums more well known then lulu. The key feature of this one is that it servers multipule formats, and they seem to be able to publish to the ipad as well, personally I despise the thing but it seems to be taking off.

  9. Audrey Says:

    Just wondering if you still plan to offer the last book in the Marla Mason series in other formats?

  10. T.A. Pratt Says:

    Audrey (sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I missed your comment): What format did you have in mind? It’s available in print and ePub and Kindle formats, and HTML free on the site…

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