Broken Mirrors
a serial novel by TA Pratt

Welcome New Readers!

Some new readers are arriving today — welcome! You can start reading the novel from the beginning with the table of contents up above, or read about the series and the reason I’m serializing this book via the links on the left.

Donations are especially welcome this month, since an expected (and long overdue) check for some other writing I’ve done is not actually arriving as promised, and I’m not sure when it will show up. This is tricky because I was counting on it to pay for my son’s health insurance and preschool tuition next month, so my financial outlook is suddenly a lot darker and more tempestuous.

I’ve been writing professionally for years — I understand the cash flow issues that publishers sometimes have, and I’m always willing to work with companies that owe me money, and I exhibit great patience. What I can’t stand is being lied to, and promised a check, only to have the promise retracted. That stings a bit.

So, if you find my work worthy, and you can spare a little, do please donate. You get goodies, as detailed in the sidebar!

Edited to add: My agent did some chasing, and got the overdue check overnighted to her… and the publisher even paid another big chunk of money that wasn’t due for a couple more months. So all is well!

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  1. Jennifer T Says:

    What a horrible rollercoster! I am really glad to hear that the check came in finally.

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